A seamless software platform that provides a 360 view on business to help you maximise recruitment results.

It's time to handle recruitment like an Aussie!

Imagine turning pay days into pay minutes. Imagine an 85% time saving on award interpretation. FastTrack360 Back Office with Time, Pay & Bill – does that. Without the risk of error or unnecessary double handling, it gives you processing accuracy with the smart tools to streamline workflows for better business performance.

Why having scalable systems is critical for business growth

Scalability is a key issue for small to medium enterprises. If your business doesn’t scale smartly, you risk growing and working harder and longer without increasing your returns. Let’s look closer at how smart scalable tools can help your business scale effectively.

FastTrack360 cloud software moves with your candidate through each stage of business from job placement through Time, Pay and Bill.

Designed for better business performance, with smart tools that streamline workflows and get results sooner, FastTrack360 lets you take care of business, with more time on people.

FastTrack360 is a complete Time, Pay, Bill solution that removes multiple vendors, data migration risks and time consuming administration.

Partnering with the leading CRM providers, FastTrack360 has automated data to reduce handling, eliminate errors and give you back time. With a single platform to manage your workforce timesheets, rates, compliance reports, and invoicing needs – FastTrack360 makes it easy.

FastTrack360 streamlines business to help you get results sooner.

We’ve been delivering recruitment business software for more than 24 years in Australia and New Zealand– which has resulted in 165+ million payroll hours each year from 10,000+ users.

Our FastTrack360 platform has been extended to now offer UK market-ready features, including:

— GDPR privacy law compliant for EU market

— UK compliant HMRC Message Portal

— Seamless integration with CRM and ATS providers

— Automatic Pension Enrolment processing

— Statutory Reporting (E.g. Gender Gap and Employment Intermediaries reports)

Our FastTrack360 UK release has been designed with recruiters, accountants and payroll experts to ensure a 360 view on the solution.

Connect to the best Apps and business software on the market, with open platform capability – introducing the FastTrack 360 MarketPlace.

With a whole of market view on your solution, the FastTrack360 MarketPlace enables your business to connect with market leading add ons that make business even easier.

Seamless integration saves you time with automated data, reduced handling and better functionality across your entire business.

FastTrack360 MarketPlace opens your platform to more possibilities, and even better business results.


General Data Protection Regulation

What you need to know, including FastTrack’s compliance strategy.

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